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    You can immediately download the editable files on your computer.
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    you can create your own collection!
  • Filters
    Filters are available to make it easy to search the models: Gender and Season.
    Detailed Images
    The models come with images that illustrate the most important details of the model.
    More Options
    For each model there is a technical information file that contains the list of materials, the patterns measures, the necessary accessories, etc. You can also add to your Favorites List any models you want.
    Standard or Graded?
    You can choose to buy between two pattern versions available: Standard version or Graded version.
  • Files Included Standard Version Graded Version
    Sample Size (.mdl)
    File of model pattern in sample size (editable .mdl Lectra file)
    Graded Pattern (.mdl)
    File of graded model pattern in sample size (editable .mdl Lectra file)
    DXF With seams
    .dxf + .rul file in sample size with seams (editable file)
    DXF Without seams
    .dxf + .rul file in sample size without seams (editable file)
    HPGL file for plotting the sample size
    Technical Information (PDF)
    List of materials, pattern measures, accessories, assembly instructions
    Feather Weight Specs
    If the model requires the feather
    Detailed Images
    Front, back and any other detailed images

    See our section Free Samples Downloads to try for free a sample sewing pattern file.
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